All V2 Ideas Here!

I need some V2 ideas, so that when vine starts, I’d be ready, I know that I’m not the only one, so post your ideas in the comments down bellow!!
P.s In my house there is, snow, pond, ice, so there can be some ideas with that.

It’s not going to be called Vine. Call it V2 for now.


Let’s make 50 V ideas and 50 identical Vs

make your own ideas

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Secondly I second this… everyone should make his/her own ideas bc is your creativity that will show in the videos not others


V2 Idea ready! Try not to make a tread without looking to see if there is already one. Lets try to keep the spam to a minimum

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Wait until everyone leaves your house, then pace around until you come up with ideas

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good idea

Idk i would do some typical situations and funny sketches and i think to do some drama

Best answer hahahah

There many post like this, check it

Why are you relying on others to be creative for you? Yikes!


Shhhh… Don’t give away content

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True kinda sucks if u were to take someone’s idea and make it into ur own video and gain from that x’D

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It’s always best to have your own ideas otherwise whats the point really?