All my likes/comments are from bots

Now, the more likes and comments your post instantly gets the higher the chance your post will get on the popular page and i get that, but i rather have no engagement than fake engagement. When i post i instantly get around 10 likes…in like the first 30 seconds and that’s it.

How is Byte going to tackle this “problem” and is this the same for other creators?

Also drop your ‘@’ so i can check you out :smile:


Dom is working to counteract this issue. It happened with Vine before and is overall impossible to be able to fully get rid of. I found that a good way of counteracting this yourself is to post a lot. Eventually you will get actual people that see your content from Byte sending it as “For Your Consideration” within your home category. I noticed that I get a lot more of community engagement now rather than what I was originally getting when I first started uploading.