All Ideas/Suggestions For Byte (Updated)

Here is a collection of some ideas and suggestions for Byte. Last updated: Thursday, April 16th


  • Private profiles
  • Ability to link to other social media in bio
  • Set videos to public or private (or unlisted?)
  • Be able to pin a video to the top of your profile
  • Option to show stats/followers/etc on your profile
  • Sort videos on a profile based on newest, oldest, or most popular
  • Usernames typed in bio should be able to link to the account


  • Be able to filter/block certain words from all your comments
  • Option to turn off comments across entire account or just specific videos
  • Be able to pin comments to the top (own comments and others)
  • Filter comments by newest or top comment (once likes on comments is added)
  • Liking comments
  • Replies to a comment are nested under that comment


  • ?Rebyte counter
  • ?Rebyte list under a video similar to how comments and likes are listed


  • People you follow show up at the top of other users following/follower list
  • People you follow show up at the top of the search list when searching those letters
  • Search option for your following and followers list
  • Ability to sort following and follower list by recent, oldest, or alphabetical


  • DMs
  • ?Scheduled posts
  • Video drafts that can be accessed later
  • Option to turn on notifications for certain peoples uploads
  • Ability to add videos to favourites (this can come much later)
  • Have a [Link] button added to the end of the caption to allow linking in captions?
  • A view-only archive folder/card on the explore page for trends/hashags/limited events that have ended (idea by @maukamauka )
  • A description box at the top of categories and cards (idea by mauka)
  • ?Ability to edit caption upto 5-15 minutes after posting
  • Countdown timer for limited categories
  • Gifs and transparent profile pictures

Other Good Ideas

Please leave your suggestions and feedback! Thanks!


Those sound like pretty good ideas. Hopefully they’ll be implemented into the app


The collaboration from a distance thing is not really about linking 2vids together more like making one video together (kind of like a duet) with people you send a “collab request” to ( you can only send one to people with the same range of followers or less then yours). This video can be found on both channels with link to the lther persons channel, or under the “tagged” or “collab-tap” on the artist’s profile :slight_smile:

Beeing able to do collabs from a distance makes it easier to grow for people who live in small towns. This gives everyone a fair chance to work together, not only people from LA for example, where there are a lot of content creators :blush:

Great idea to put all the ideas together :sunglasses::ok_hand:


ahh, thanks for the clarification. I’ll change “addition” to “Variation” so there is no confusion. The idea of linking videos did popup in my head after i read your post.


Ads on behalf of countries. For example, I’m in Turkey, and I found v2 thanks to Dom hofmann. We can make special advertises for every country. And these are done according to the interests of the countries. In my country, it didn’t spread. But there are some countries. Some news may spread around. I think someone should be chosen for each country and advertising strategies should be planned.


I like the idea about the guidelines for the teams, maybe like a little terms and agreement each user has to check off in order to join the team.


Like this organization! Be sure to add more and link previous posts, giving credit to the original thinker


Added some more links and tagged some people who made similar posts.

For the others ideas, either I came up with them, or so many people have mentioned it in multiple posts that I just leave it as a general idea


thanks for making this!


These are all pretty good ideas. I doubt at first all of these will be used, but hopefully a lot of them will be


Thanks for the kind replies guys. Glad you liked the ideas. Anyone got more? Ill update it once i collect some more!


I think it would be cool if you saw a video you liked and you could swipe to see more content from that artist or team but still stay in the feed so you could easily scroll through other videos. I don’t know if it’s possible but I think it’s a cool idea :aww:


That’s a good idea cuz I hate when i visit someone’s page and loose my spot in the feed


Update (#1): Added to top post:

  • Comments: switch between top comment and newest comment
  • Comments: Replies to a comment can be seen under that comment
  • Comments: Must have Character limit and no links
  • Idea to keep place in the feed after visiting a persons profile (Credits to: @TopJew)
  • Idea to have history saved (Credits to: @NathanDupessey)
  • Idea to have your next scheduled upload time be mentioned in bio (Credits to: @tola)

Add this?


these are cool ideas
very nicely put together
well done :clap:


I’ll check it out


Yes I think all of them are good ideas


For monetization, how is it going to work? Will a 6-second ad play before you watch a vine, or will there be a banner ad below the vine?


dom didn’t reveal what it’s going to be. I’m sure they are working hard on that cause monetization is a very important topic