"Algorhythyms" - What do/dont yall like bout them

I hear people complaining bout THE algorhythyms on different apps (ig / twitter / etc.)

  • What specifically dont u like about the companies algorhythyms
  • Propose a better solushun, if u got one

Me personally, I kinda get why those companies do it how they do it. Say some instagrammer spams your feed with like 15 posts, if its like in kronological order, it’d be kinda annoying as u’d have to like scroll though all those posts, to see your other friends posts

Just wanna understand what yall dont like about algorhythyms, hopefully this useful for the byte company too when thinking about the implementations of the algorhythyms


It’s a love/hate relationship. On my editing Instagram account, if I were to post an edit that is completely out of my realm of what I usually posts, it does bad, but if I post an edit that is in the realm of what I post, it always does well. Algorithms help to push the edits that I usually make onto fans of the same shows that I’m editing. So that’s a plus, but like I said, when I make edits for other things, it doesn’t help me out. Even if I think that edit is the best one I’ve made, it still won’t do well unless it’s an edit of a show/movie that I usually edit.


I hate how on YouTube after not once watching James Charles he is pushed in to my recommended constantly even after I select not interested. It’s the same every time a new creator is gaining mass followers it also happened with Jeffrey star and Shane Dawson, I’m not saying they are bad creators they just aren’t for me. I also think that a few years ago (idk if it’s the same now) the algorithm never recommended small creators


changed from off topic to youtube & other services :blep:

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I’d want an algorithm like tiktok when it comes to local creators

But at the same time I kinda want an algorithm where every creator gets to have a chance at the limelight

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It’s inevitable is all I can say. FB, Google, Twitter need to make money off their ads so they’d rather have you hooked on there all day so you click their ads so they can make money. That’s why collecting e-mails, phone numbers, and having a lot of people connected on the FB messenger app is crucial. Those things will probably stand the test of time versus say twitter, or snapchat.