Album in production (collab/featuring search)

Hi, it’s been a [big] while since i started producing music, in purpose to release singles/albums, so i’m here to ask some people (that obviously have knowledge in music prod/industry) to collab with me in way to create and finish my album, or if you wanna feature on it, if you’re a manager in music industry, singer, rapper, musician, writer etc, you’re welcome.

Basically I need people to help me create this album.

  • I have like 20 demos (1 min long each other they ain’t complete/full songs).

  • It’s a pop album, Ariana Grande/Troye Sivan vibes.

  • I wrote like 5-6 songs, they’re not attributed yet to any demos I made.

  • I use Ableton Live as daw

Thank you


I sing, if you need any help dm me on instagram! @alexandriareddd I’d love to take part :smile:

Is it featuring insyde?

I mean you can feature in a song if you’re a singer/rapper and if you’re into music production (instrumentals etc) you can collab to the album.
I do not accept random people, so you should have some knowledge first.