AHHH SO MANY IDEAS! (Transitions/Effects)

hey y’all :cowboy_hat_face:

this is my first forum post, so idk if anybody will see it lol
that being said, i’ve been holding on to a few ideas that i’d like to put out there!
…ok, basically one idea, but it’s a BIG one :joy:

one of the main things that could make byte stand out, in my opinion, is just making the app slick and fun to use! every app that has tabs at the bottom, including byte, lets you switch through them by tapping. this is fine, but i think that it would be really cool to have some animations or effects happen when switching through. clearly, the byte team knows how to design things; just look at the beautiful graphics for categories! so, i think that they could get really creative with how the app transitions through different tabs and categories!

Better Search System
obviously, this is less of a creative idea, and more of a request…
simply just add filters to search by (followers, alphabetical, etc.)! also, make it easier to search by showing popular users even if a letter is off. for example, it can feel impossible to find @senorpequenos if i don’t remember how to spell his username …which i commonly do.

Notification Bell
another request, that i think would be really helpful for me to keep up with people. not much to say about this one… i’d just like to see it someday :man_shrugging:
plus, for the sake of being different from tiktok, i think that this is still a feature that they don’t have as well.

BONUS IDEA: Swipes Instead of Taps
a very ambitious idea that i never expect to see, but i still think it’s worth sharing:
making the app designed so that swiping can accomplish as much as taps do. i know this idea sounds weird, but hear me out! imagine swiping through the entire app, through the categories, tabs, profiles, EVERYTHING! again, only as an alternative to tapping things. i think that this could make the app stand out and very fun to use. and if people find it irritating, they don’t have to use it!

if anyone found this post, i hope u found it interesting! :green_heart:

  • Lukej

What’s the activity feed look like for one of you popular boys? The bell idea isn’t bad, I just know that whatever comments and such I get I can see on my activity feed no problem already. Unless you mean something diffferent by bell?


Like your ideas!

I’m invested in the search system… needs to improve overtime. It’ll be cool if they added a filter that puts the top search for @ name & hashtag. (something similar to insta)


i mean a post notification bell on people’s profiles that could be toggled on or off. this way i wouldn’t miss a post from creators i love and i could see them as soon as they’re posted!


THIS^^^ This would be so nice for me because there is a lot of content I miss due to bad wifi. I would love to know as soon as some of my favorites post so that I can make sure I’m not scrolling for a long time and waiting for a lot of bytes to load. There are plenty of other reasons to include a bell and my wifi problem is pretty specific, but I think a lot of people would find it useful as well.


you look me up?? :sob: :sob: :heart:


I like these ideas Luke, good job

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