Age restriction? Bots? More general questions

Will there be an age restriction? Vine had one but was not “taken seriously” at all.

Trending topics. Remember vine had comedy, music, scary, ect… will V2 have this and be monitored more closely so random videos won’t show up that have nothing to do with the category?

Bots. I know there is probably no way around this but can we get rid of them?

How long will a video stay “trending” if there is this in v2?

If these are already answered somewhere, please link me.

What are everyones thoughts?

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13+ some categories (unwritten) may have a higher restriction such as weed or nsfw, there could probably do sign up per ip or sim card etc to reduce bots and i think they may have the different categories to help artists to shine (:


i believe there should be age divided content, not necessarily a set age, because if they have a device and know how to use social media, they’re more than likely older than 10+

bots; bots and artificial intelligences are unfortunately very very efficient, fast, and don’t take any man power which makes them preferred. it would be very difficult to move around them, but with that being said, if there was a team that could review specific errors reported by users then it would be the best of both worlds


I created a thread with discussion about the age restrictions a few days ago here.

Definitely worth checking out, quite a few quality answers on there! :smile:

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With NSFW content there may be an increase in bots or ads etc


I agree with @kaden with the age divide because there will be some things that are for younger vs older aged. I don’t mean NSFW items, but I would think that stuff like cursing possibly for older than younger if you understand my drift