After Affects on windows vs Mac/ Can anyone help me with after effects

Is it better to use after effects on a windows or Mac? Also can someone teach me how to use it because I can’t do something without getting frustrated cause I’m confused

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I dont know how to use it but i heard that is a good editor, i preffer the sony vegas pro its more easy to use and it have a lot of options

I’ve tried it but never really got the hang of it & here I am trying to think I could use after effects when I’ve always been a phone editor :joy:

I don’t have windows but I know you can get more plugins with it, but besides that it works the same way with mac. I suggest watching lots of tutorials, but it depends on what youre trying to do

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I think I’m going to use after effects on my Mac, cause it’s easier to just airdrop my photos & videos from my phone & back.

Hahaha, i learned with Youtube videos you can watch someones, i think that After Effects are more complicated. If you wanna you can try with Camtasia Studio, is very very easy and it have some options, its an app for start to editing i star with it and now iam with sony vegas an i am considering to download something better. Try with Camtasia

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Is the best way to learn, YouTube

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I might watch a beginners tutorial or try camtasia

Cool, I recommend you a lot the Camtasia its for beginners

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Is it for Mac too or just windows?

I dont know if it is for mac, i used in Windows

Oh okay, I’m probably going to use my Mac more since I haven’t used it in about a year :joy:

Yeah that’d definitely be easier haha

I mean, I learned from youtube. Also a lot of patience

Cool, Mac computers are really good, Right?

Yeah, they definitely have better graphics

Yep, The fastest way to learn is with a professional editor next to you


I can’t find any good tutorials though

You can search in google too, they are post of people explain it

What exactly would I type :joy: (sorry I’m dumb)

Hahaha dont worry, let me know if you find a tutorial, about which app are you searching tutorials?