Advocating for Partner Program Category

Disclaimer: I wouldn’t know what the byte team is working on BTS, hopefully, considers w/ community input.

basically, I’m asking for category tab in the explore page — this could be under the spotlight or anything. (but must be located somewhere on the explore page). anyone with the PP badge when they post will be automatically linked to that category. nobody can’t tag the category unless if you’re part of the PP w/ a badge!

crazy as this might sound but I think this might be legit if byte considers.

however, this is not about favoritism (e.g. it’s deserved partner that needs support and recognition for their accomplishments). furthermore, it’s a discovery tool to help new/current users to navigate and possibly stick around longer. (maybe improve the app retention long-terms)

drop your thoughts below… should byte consider implementing?

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edited: included FAQ and removed uplift the creator…


im meh about this, think it shouldn’t give exclusivity like this. especially considering the partner pool changes, don’t think it’s right to give an advantage. I don’t see how this helps to uplift anyone or the app?


As a partner myself I think that sort of categorization might be SEEN as favoritism even if it’s not meant to. Everyone has an equal chance of showing up on the trending categories and I think that equality should be kept across the board!


Yea…I agree. I was thinking something similar to what YouTube has for the Creator thing. Eh…

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I’d also agree with @mauro - I don’t want it to seem like partners have hierarchy over others. I love the “by chance” aspect of Byte it helps me discover new people daily.


kinda iffy. don’t wanna create some sort of hierarchy between people who are on the partner program and people who are not, while i see some reason to promote them more, creating a separate category would just cause some upset.


Yeah… I’m 50/50 about this. Just curious for others Input in case if byte considers :slightly_smiling_face: (hypothetically)

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I get your intent, but the implementation segregates people.

I think what you’re asking for already kinda exists in the form of Your Mix page, where the “high quality” bytes are placed. Hopefully this’ll be what the new users be using, and get a good taste of Byte, partner or not.


I’m not seeing how this is uplifting anyone really


I get wanting to draw attention to or direct people to partners but yeah it could be kinda iffy as far as favoring some people and tbh not all of mine or other partner content is always deserving of spotlight or a bunch of attention lol. But maybe if they expand searching tools in the future people could search “partners” or something if they were curious who was in it so they didn’t have to just randomly stumble onto a badge.


Q. What we currently have in place helps with app retention :thinking:

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Lol. :wink:

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I think this will only help the big creators get bigger leaving the smaller creators struggling.


Eh — it’s a dedicated tab. It wouldn’t be mandatory for users to check out the tab but optional, for instance, this wouldn’t be similar to the popular tab.

FYI, there are multiple ways to grow on the app besides that category. It would just be a regular category like other tabs, it’s up to the users to check it out. The algorithm will push out content based on users’ interest/preference.

I agree with this :wink::100:

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That would absolutely become divisive.


Yeah, I’m with most people here. Although I personally would love to have a quick-access to all the partnered channels to check them out, it would create a hierarchy. Newcomers, young people and others -possibly-, might see it as an implicit “these are the best creators”, funneling all attention and giving the partners a certain authority