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Hey everyone,

I posted earlier to ask of sharing this would be inappropriate for the forums and the response told me to go ahead. This story dose not reflect on the healthcare community as a whole for all the amaizing work they do, just the location where my experience was.

I had a situation involving the malpractice of the Health Care system at a hospital here in San Diego. After my experience and seeing the experience of others I feel the need to use media pressure to embarrass the hospital for what they did to me. I recently experienced discrimination at Scripps Mercy Hospital.

I went in to the ER around 1am. During my intake, in the ER where I was admitted, the nurse saw me in a lot of pain. I could not sit still. Constantly, I moved around the hospital bed room, crying and moaning because of the intensity felt in my back and lower areas. When the Dr came in, he didn’t even look at my area or check anything on my body. He leaned against the wall and said that it was probably just my sciatic nerve. Rather than evaluate my condition thoroughly and respectfully, the staff haphazardly administered me with narcotics. After taking said medication, I lay there writhing back and forth in pain, crying; the hospital staff could hear everything. There was no benefit from this.

Abruptly, the nurse would come in sometime after to say I was finished. His words still haunt me; he said in a condescending fashion,“You’re done”. When dressing back into my clothes, as I was still buckling my belt, the nurse came in and threw open the curtain. He just stood there, glaring at me. Though he could see how much pain I was in; no assistance was offered in putting on my shoes, or anything for that matter. Instead, I struggled to dress under the humiliating guise of the hospital floor, robbed of my privacy. Moreso than my well being, the staff was more concerned in evucting me from the building. Grunting, moaning, and barely walking, at risk of falling, I was escorted out of the emergency room. Nobody held me, offered a wheelchair, or provided assistance in securing my transportation home. Rather, I was leered at from rise to exit.

I limped home in pain. During the day I would find myself laying in bed, falling to the floor, and slipping in the shower because my pain persisted. Later that night, the pain came back with a vengeance, and I dropped to the floor screaming in excruciating pain.

My roommate, absent the night prior, rushed me to a different hospital. I was crying and screaming while he carried me into the emergency room where they immediately gave me a bed. After examining me properly, an ultrasound and a CAT scan were administered to me. The pain was tremendous. I was riding back and forth howling because the pain was excruciating. The pain was so intense I was crying with a jolting shake. At some point hours later, I passed out from the pain. With a proper and comprehensive diagnosis, I was administered the proper medication, with a true understanding of my illness. I am now feeling so much better, by comparison. still hurts a little bit but it’s manageable and I believe that it’s subsiding now that I got the proper treatment and care that I did not get from the first hospital I went to. Because, I was correctly screened for existing/prior prescriptions at the second hospital, the staff identified a problem that had been overlooked by the first hospital. Prescriptions used prior to any hospital intake were countering the effects of any pain relievers applied during intake. The first emergency room profiled me and assumed I was sensationalizing very real pain. Their assumptions put my life at risk. This happened at a place where vulnerable people come to address emergencies.

I was advised by people around me to take some form of action against how the first hospital treated, racially profiled me, and humiliated me in front of the entire ER. My primary care doctor also told me that she used to work for them. She had heard things while working at said hospital. This validated my personal experience. I am not an isolated incident.

If I, a cooperative person in obvious need of medical attention , with insurance was treated this way, it makes one ask who else has suffered similar negligence. I was not asking for free care; I was not soliciting; I was not just trying to take a hospital bed and nap. All I was asking for was medical attention at a 24-hour hospital emergency room.

I am sharing my story so that other people and especially people of color will not be treated the same way that I was. I have never been more humiliated and embarrassed in my entire life. The experience really hurt me and made me feel like I was just some junkie negro to them. This is more about making a statement than getting compensation.

Below is a link to a video my roommate filmed, showing the degree of pain I was in at the second hospital. That is pain I volleyed with for at least 36 hours, because I was not assessed respectfully, with comprehensive examining, and empathy at Scripps Mercy Hospital, the first time I asked for medical attention. My experience cannot speak for the hospital, at large, but the Emergency Room is undoubtedly in need of reform.


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Your story is so honestly disheartening to hear and I working in and under the hospital, I can honestly believe everything you are saying with out a doubt. There are times where someone could come in for a server and noticeable pain and still not be treated properly as they should. They would be given medication to at least take the pain away but that wasn’t the care they seemed. And you’re right, the medical field and the nurses and doctors aren’t all bad. There are some amazing and wonderful people who care for the ill and sick. I’m glad to hear you were treated with care at your second shot at a ER visit. And hope you have a speedy recovery.


Thanks. I’m feeling a little better, the pain is still there but manageable off and on. I really appreciate you guys letting me share my story here. It means a lot to me.


I’m so sorry you had to experience this.


Honestly saw people working at hospitals are straight up trash. Couldn’t even watch the whole video becasue it was obvious you were in a lot of pain, and I hate seeing that kind of stuff. Certain people just choose wrong career paths or maybe it’s the work culture of certain hospitals or departments within the hospital. I remember this old lady was cold, and needed a blanket. There was some in the back, but the people there told me not get any for her because then everyone would want one. Honestly makes me kind of angry that people just are so callous. I understand you got a job to do, but this stuff just grinds my gears.


My heart hurts so much after reading this and I am so, so grateful to hear, you are feeling a lot better now.
It’s 2019 but the fact that people still get treated like this is disheartening.
Thank you for sharing for you story.


It’s a shame that some of the people who are supposed to help us can’t even do their job properly. I hope you get better bro :heart:

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Man this is not right. Why can’t people see that all people are people no matter what color skin or what shapes they are?

I am kinda mad at that hospital.