Advice for New Artists

Okay so I wanted to discuss something I personally find very important.

New artists.

Now I know a lot of people are always looking to go into new things like this as the BEST or the BIGGEST, and that’s fine. That’s always happened. But those of us who were here from the start of the original, we understand the raw potential V2.

It has so much potential. So I think that the biggest issue we will have is people trying “hard” to become famous.

New artists, listen to me. As a former artists in Vine I will say this. Trying hard gets you NO where. You have to let things come NATURALLY.

The best advice you can get is being the best version of yourself you can be! You need to be yourself. Believe me even if you’re awkward or weird or whatever, it’s better to have 1000 followers who like you for you than 100000 followers who don’t really like you for YOU.

Edit 2:

I understand a lot of people might actually disagree, but that’s fine. The whole purpose for forums is for discussions like this!

I think the main thing should just be our excitement for the new app!!! It’s finally coming back, and that’s awesome!


You may want to check this

In case of YouTube as well

Hey, check this out!

Check this… extremely helpful!


Sorry, the post actually posted before I was finished. You can now re-read the edited post. Thx!

I actually agree. There is nothing wrong in trying hard, just try hard for the good reasons, like your content your quality your ideas. if this is your passion, then most definitely try hard. but don’t go out there to become famous. I believe that eventually everyone in v2 will be noticed and known for their hard work and content, not because you tried to be famous. And i know what people are saying, I would also love if I got noticed and had a big following, but I guess thats not really in our hand as an artist. But if you jus focus on your passion and work hard for it, I know for sure I will notice you for your dedication.


Exactly! Hard work pays off, but only if it’s for the right reasons. Well said!

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