(I think this is a bad idea so don’t hate please) After reading that you’ll introduce advertising to byte I thought of a advertising concept: every user gets a ad option in the explore tab, every user has to watch a single ad per day, the user can choose when they want to watch the ad on that day, and if they don’t want to view it on that day they can wait every day until the end of the month where 30 ads piled up, if they don’t watch any of the 30 the amount of ads will just pile up until you reached a maximum of 2 months where the user gets notified that his account will get deleted if he doesn’t watch the ads, also I think the ads should be just regular bytes

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Nice idea, but I think deleting someone’s account is way to harsh. I feel like it should be that either one ad pops up on ur home page every day on the first time you open the app or just the way it is right now.