Adult humour in topic forum

I agree


Mm im weird about this topic. Because i don’t necessarily think that dark humor is an adult topic. But i do agree with the 18+ section.

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sorry to bust your bubble. no byte won’t be. it will always be PG-13.


Okay, what I meant to say is that the Byte team already decided that they won’t have a NSFW section at all. On Vine, there were so many loopholes that people were going through so they’re just ending it all.


My bad of everyone is seeing this then what I really meant is that jokes we make in this forum shouldn’t be overlooked and deleted such as adult jokes. Like that topic I made about losing my virginity to an old lady. Other than that nsfw is an area that is not nice to look at so does anyone get what I mean

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Nsfw is not really pg 13 but we can make adults jokes right

Sorry bro, can’t agree to this. Kids could easily lie on their acct and say they are 18 to toggle the feature and gain access to adult content. You might need to satisfy the urge to post NSFW content on a different platform :man_shrugging:

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That is true might just change the topic name to adult humour in the forum’s