Adult humor section

I’ve been scrolling through the posts and seeing a lot of things regarding banning certain humor etc.

Does anyone else think that rather than banning a certain userbase’s humor, it would be wiser to offer a section closed off to younger viewers, or at least just having a section titled ‘Offensive’. This would still allow creators and viewers to enjoy their humor, without ostracizing them for it.



Similar to this?
NSFW Videos in V2

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Closing off the controversial content seems like a good idea until you try it. Generally those areas get flooded with tons of racy stuff and then the whole platform gets tarnished. If its gonna be on the app, it should probably be an 18 plus app with the ability to hide that content, kind of like twitter.

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I’m not talking explicit sexual content or gore related stuff.

I purely mean alt-comedy, stuff that many people find funny, but recognize that some people may find offensive.

The best example I can offer would be one that I saw in a separate thread: 9/11 jokes.

Lots of people find them funny, but some people view them as offensive.

So you’re saying that we need a separate area for edgy comedy…

Name a specific adult humor joke.

People get triggered and offended.

I really hope, there is no need to block edgy humor. Everyone makes them. Literally all famous stand up comedians are edgy, it’s free speech and funny. I understand if they post nudes and gore. But humor should not be blocked and instead of making V2 Disney and super ad friendly, they should allow these type of humors, but monetize accordingly, or have printed rules about it. Everyone gets offended by everything now a days.

A adult or a nsfw would be cool for people who want to make or watch certain content

Everything on Vine was offensive to someone, so, that would mean every video on V2 would be labeled “Offensive.” Maybe instead of V2 the new app should be called Offensive.

Problem solved.

Having an ‘adult’ section would be nice.

For some of the people responding to the OP’s post, I’d like to clear a few things up:

Adult humour is NOT the same as NSFW humour.
Adult humour is NOT the same as ‘edgy content’. @jennifer @Jaimesoliz @TomWho
Just to be clear, I’m not advocating for it to be separated, I’d rather it wasn’t.

My point is that in the days where we are increasingly seeing companies lean further towards PC/PG content, there is the potential that the team might want to play it safe. @Dom’s comments on the NSFW thread suggests they’re happy for our humor on the platform, and maybe further. My post was intended to gauge the rest of the community’s thoughts on the matter, as if too many people find suicide/mild racism/disasters/mild sexism/rape/etc jokes offensive, there would be the potential for such stuff to be banned. I’m not suggesting it, just discussing it. And yes, those are a limited section, which aren’t the kind of content I’d make, but are still jokes I sometimes enjoy. Yes people will be offended by anything, however, there is a clear genre of dark comedy that many people consider a bit shadier. Just look to 4chan, and the opinions people hold of those who browse it.

Lots of young viewers enjoy cheap gags/no punchlines, I don’t. I want there to be darker humor on the platform, wanted to gauge the rest of the community, and discuss the possibility of a separate section so that the app doesn’t just become a niche version of vine, but also doesn’t pander to kids. My fave outcome would simply be that everything, to a degree, is allowed on the platform.

I understand now

I’m pretty sure Dom and his team will find a way to accommodate all types of artists on V2, including those who like to do dark, edgy humor meant for adults.

Only problem I can see is that if the audience on V2 is anything like it was on Vine it’ll mostly be tweens and teens. At first it was mostly adults who used Vine, but that changed fairly rapidly once it took off. And most of those who gained large followings (who were mostly adults) catered to that younger audience with, as you mentioned, cheap gags (see: Piques).

So it will be interesting to see if V2 can attract and cater to both adults and younger people while accommodating all kinds of content and humor, while allowing those only interested in certain types of content to easily find and watch it.