Ads paying the creators

i feel like creators shouldn’t get paid because some people would just do it for the money rather than to have fun on the app

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I doubt there will be ads, the only ads there may be are only if Brands come to the creator to pay the creators to make a video with their product - sorry if I confused you I’ve been on an 8 hour coding spree. :tired_face:


A thought: just because they get paid doesn’t mean they won’t have fun making content for the app. Paying can help people put out more content because they can spend more time creating that content


you mean sponsering/partnerships?

OMG Yes! Sorry :cry: I need sleep lol

that’s true although a lot of people just start youtube for the money and it’s not as pure as it was then and i don’t want the same to happen with v2

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go get your sleep chente! :joy:

And hopefully it won’t happen that much but it’s bound to happen and it’s not necessarily a bad thing

unless people become like jake paul

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The creators will be generating revenue for the app from their content. They 100% should get paid.

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That’s exactly what I was about to say. Well put.

I think there needs to be some sort of paying the artists or else the app would be unsustainable. Why would an artist put so much time and effort into generating continuous content without getting paid, when platforms like instagram and youtube exist with payment options?

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There are going to be people who abuse the system but I agree with @Tsouth21. While I don’t think that getting paid should be your motivation for creating, it’s always nice to be compensated for your work.


Artist should get paid when they partner with v2 and get verified

I think introducing sponsors could be interesting. I know that v2 and the original Vine were fairly small in comparison to Youtube and Instagram but people managed to make advertising sponsors interested on both platforms. I think if v2 really wants to compete, that’d be a good way to do it.

Though I don’t think that should be something dom or v2 itself does, but more relies on the artist to take initiative getting sponsors.