Ads on Insta

For whatever reason, I’ve only ever been shown 3 ads on instagram since I started using the service. The first ad was last year and was from Lexus. The two other ads were last week and were food focused. Since I basically don’t get ads, it’s really hard for me to have an opinion about ads on instagram. So, I’m curious what people think about the current state of ads on instagram?


I dont really mind them if they interest me I click


I mean they’re not too crazy. You just scroll past them. There has never been a time where I’ve gotten angry over the inconvenience of an ad (unlike YouTube).


I’ve tried opting out of setting my location in an attempt to remove, or at least minimize advertisements. I don’t mind seeing them, but I do feel interrupted when they appear.


Instagram ads are the best types of ads right now social media wise. They show up every now and then, and you can just scroll past them. Much better than those apps that have their ads pop up on the screen and you have to wait 10 seconds to click ‘x’.


I personally love the way that Instagram displays ads because they’re not all in your face, and you can just scroll past them without noticing or mistake them for just another post. They’re very conveniently placed and not annoying in any way. It’s a good model if we’re looking for examples for v2.