Ads on byte

I am just wondering if and/or how ads will work on Byte, I currently love the way they work on Twitter and Instagram. I am fine with ads every once in a while just don’t it to be spam if there will be.


I was actually wondering about this myself. Instagram does a great job with sponsored posts.


This was a big question on this forum back when it first opened. You can find a gold mine of threads if you go searching. I think most people assumed it would be similar to Instagram.


if you could promote yourself by paying for ads that would be great

Maybe there could be like a program where creators that qualify could get a small percentage of the revenue. Just an idea, other platforms do this like YouTube.

I’m pretty sure it won’t work out but it’s just an idea, and that’s what the forums are for, right?

i’m good with adding some ads BUT organized as instagram and twitter ads, it will help them increase their income, i myself don’t mind some ads in my timeline

Yeah I’d love to be able to make ad revenue off posts just like YouTube before it killed it smh

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I hope they work like on twitter and insta. I just hope they’re reviewed by a team before being released so that there isn’t so much false advertising like on insta

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all the ads will be on tiktok and lasso

If businesses make their byte ads similarly to whatever type of content is prevalent at the time on byte, users wouldn’t be bothered by them. unless of course you have a flashing light saying “SPONSORED”