Ads/Numerous Anonymous Annoying Spam Botz

Idk if this has been addressed or not but i want to know which way byte will limit misinformative ads an bots…its obnoxious and contagious an ruins an clutters up your feed they are on EVERY SOCIAL PLATFORM especially instagram it has several misinformative ads an bots that randomly appear in your comment section an other ppl you follow an say “follow me” or “nice pic follow me” “thats cool an all but” “are we gonna ignore the fact that i have a” “i swear omm i will like this comment like it you swore :slightly_smiling_face:” “the fbi doesnt want you to see whats on my page” or a bunch of random bots messaging you saying “:heart:“ or “were giving away” or a bunch of symbols that you are unable to translate and a bunch of other useless things you do your best an block as many as you can but they are like an infestation of flies that never go away i would like to suggest new blocking methods an spam alert algorithms to make byte less toxic an flourish an unique clean an humorous as possible…for ads if there are any there should be ads BASED ON YOUR INTEREST say you often look at the gaming category on byte there will be ads for xbox pc or ps4 games say you are often on the sports category there will be ads for football basketball or baseball games on today or recent highlights not random political ads or tik tok ads or ads of pointless apps that you know you will never download. #fixads #nobots2019 #V2 #byte #livelaughlove #toxicity #needit #community #healthy please take this into consideration Dom…thank you an cant wait for the full release of byte :heart::100:


You’re never going to have app a 100% spam free, or even ad free, but I think they’ve done a great job so far. At this time you can only really post 4 times a day within a 24 hour time period. Of course as the number of users increases to the millions it’s going to get harder to manage, but I think everything will be a lot better than IG’s current state.

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The app should block accounts that repeatedly comment the same phrase or phrases (within a threshold)