Addressing the Eminem byte

For those who don’t know, I made a byte five days ago called, “Welcome to byte, friends”. The lyrics for the song, set to lose yourself by Eminem ofc, go: “I bet you think this is gonna be lose yourself you stupid idiot, nah this is about Byte: 16 second videos which is less than a minute so that part’s gonna suck. Are the features there yet? Noooo. Are the videos funny? Eh!”

I knew before posting this video it might be misconstrued as a serious post, but had hoped that I had made it obviously ironic (which I’ve since realized can be very hard to do right.) One thing I failed to take into consideration before posting it is that the Byte community is incredibly different than any other social media community. It is extremely close knit and feels much more personal than any other app.

In my head I was parodying TikTok’s pov on Byte with a touch of self deprecating humor, but I realize now that it may have come across as me genuinely ragging on Byte and it’s incredible community because of how close knit the community is. This was absolutely not my intention in making this video - I fucking love you guys and this app.

I’ve been on Byte since the second wave of beta and it is such a big part of my life. My friends and family have had to put up with me constantly talking about the app since day one. I admire and respect so many of the talented creators in this community and feel so lucky to be a part of it. At risk of sounding overdramatic, Byte changed my life. It’s what got me to start making content and the community supported and encouraged me every step of the way.

SO with that being said, I would like to revise the lyrics:
“I bet you think this is gonna be more poorly communicated comedy, nah this is about Byte: 16 second videos which is a great because the time constraint encourages more creativity. Are the features there yet? It’s a new app, they’re working on it give them time. Are the videos funny? Yes and I was a stupid idiot for jokingly saying they weren’t and I’m so sorry and everyone is so talented mom’s spaghetti.”

Alright, I’m done now. Sorry if this is an over the top post. I know it might seem like a small issue, but I never want anyone to think that I don’t value and cherish this app and the people on it. Keep being awesome you guys and if you have any questions or concerns about me or my content please please please let me know. I love you goobers <3


I can’t speak for anyone else obvi, but I thought that byte was funny and I could sense the sarcasm :+1::two_hearts:


Love your content Nina. No need to be sorry I’m sure majority saw it as a satire post, but I guess there are people that don’t understand it’s a joke. Don’t let this bring you down or change your content, keep on postin’!


Yike if anyone was offended by that…Idek. It was clearly a joke and you’re hilarious. Don’t take the attacks you got from this Byte to heart cuz you’re a great person Nina and 110% didn’t have any malice intent!


I thought it was funny too and i think you’re just absolutely adorable! :heart:


I guess for some people it takes less then the average person to offend them (and that’s valid) but it was just a joke at the end of the day. Personally I found it funny but I guess it’s impossible to please everyone every time :man_shrugging:t2: (Don’t worry you’re doing great! Shit happens I guess)


Thank you guys for the kind words :two_hearts: I know that the majority of people took it as satire, but for those who didn’t I just wanted to clear it up!


Made me laugh pretty hard, and your love for this community has always been unquestionable. You writing this is proof alone, and it’s refreshing to see someone writing what’s basically a love letter to the app. All is well.


First time seeing it but I thought it was funny. If anyone was actually offended by that… well… jeez.


I think the criticisms of byte are generally valid and making fun of its flaws is part of the humor. If that wasn’t a good reason alone, we all know you well enough to catch the nuance in it.

I’m sorry for whatever crowd found you and told you they didn’t like it, but it wasn’t controversial, and it didn’t attack any groups of people. You have nothing to apologize for. I’ll take the parody song either way because that’s what parody’s are.

Hell. We still trying to make hundo laugh. That dude gets a couple hundred likes per videos after saying no one is funny.


Love you :heart:




No worries

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damn people r sensitive

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@nina I don’t think you have anything to apologize for. Admittedly (I know I’m in the minority) I didn’t quite know how to take it. But that’s less about you and more about me being emotionally sensitive/easily confused sometimes. That’s not your fault, it’s my problem. And rewatching I feel foolish because your byte is fucking funny.

I think misunderstandings like this are bound to happen when people are cranking out content and making jokes. It’s happened to me on many occasions, you never know how/why something is going to be received. You are obviously loved, don’t take it to heart. Keep doing what you’re doing. :blue_heart::v:t3:


This is why I wanted to make this post!! I love your content so much and have so much respect for you as a creator, person, and member of this community. I just wanted to clarify the intent behind it and make sure that the awesome people in the community didn’t take it the wrong way. There’s no reason to feel foolish because I can totally see how it could be misconstrued. Thank you so much for being understanding and thank you for all the kind words - it means a lot to me :slight_smile:


Sarcasm is the best form of humor :clap:

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Wait people were actually mad at an ironic joke from someone who post on byte regularly?

That shit was mad funny, keep it up


I just watched it—nah, it didn’t strike a wrong cord. Had to post because I too feel bad for friends and family that have to listen to byte talk waaaaay too much—like I am self aware tenough to know they can’t possibly find what I am talking about incessantly interesting but I can’t stop because, well, I am passionate about it. Plus, most recently I had to relate the story of when I flagged Japanese Anime PORN on byte but then accidentally rebyted it…yup, that happened. What can I say? Byte is an exciting place.

In the interest of TMI and over the top posts—I love Byte too. I used to make good morning videos for my husband because he was working overseas but then we got divorced and I found byte----all that energy I put into those videos good morning videos I poured into bytes instead. Basically, byte replaced my husband. Byte is my new hot boyfriend.


u look like mooptopia