Adding people on byte! (bytecodes)?

Although byte will have a search feature that I’m sure you can search for other accounts with, wouldn’t it be cool if you could share your “bytecode” with other people (sort of like a snapcode, but byte style)? It would make the following process quicker and would add another thing to customize on the profile page (color, shape, etc). What do you guys think?


i like it

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i like that better


I totally agree. Even if it’s just a plain old qr code it’s still better than nothing imo

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That sounds like something super cool that should be implemented down the road.

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I agree, so many people want to follow to someone particularly, but unafortunately some people don’t know the username and It becomes like a headache… I think that Bytecode is better than the search icon or bar, very effective. :exclamation:

8 bit style byte codes?


That would be cool! Like qr codes you can send to people and such. I wouldn’t mind! We just don’t need long codes like 12345678910abcdefghijklmoa like nintendo does with the switch.

That looks really cool! Good job on that!


Yes, yess, yes and YAAASSS! I love it defiantly love the idea and concept too!

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byte codes? awesome.
this: YES

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