Addiction to phones

so ive realized that im addicted to my phone um my phone has been taken away from me and its been like two days and im dying like i need my phone to survive im not joking my phone has my whole life on it ive actually cried two times today because I was so frustrated that i didnt have my phone basically this post is just to see if anyone else is as addicted to their phone as me.


Most definitely

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Try using a remote control in the meantime just to get your vie

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threw my phone into the ocean once and it was pretty liberating


We all need serious help. Does anyone else get a headache when they’re on their phone for too long


for why

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no .

you huh :grinning::raised_hand:

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I don’t see how lol I would lose it my studios and my business is mainly done all online.

jojo’s bizarre adventure phone ocean

I can live without a phone but it makes my existence 10% better so might as well keep on using it🧍🏻

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I Got my pHone Back my life is complete now