Add direct messages!

petition for adding dms.

I would LOVE to know what others think of me and my posts, without worrying that everyone would see them (aka, comments). Okay okay, imagine this: you just posted a video that you are proud of. Then all of a sudden, pling, you’ve got a message from insert username here. The message goes like this “hi, i love your videos, i would like to say that you really make my day!”. HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT FEEL LIKE!! Yeah, you could say that in the comments, but as soon as you post something new, it’s just going to get lost.

Okay, maybe that wasn’t the best example, but i would just really REALLY like there to be DMs… AND I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE



Been waiting for this to be added for a while, and I feel like it would actually help grow the community on the app like how we already accomplished with the forums. However, only allow text on the app and don’t allow photos or videos to be sent for obvious reasons, only until byte is able to detect that the video is bad or good to view.

i’m sorry but this topic has been suggested before in this topic and many others

remember to search before making a topic


thank you @RodinBoi

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