Ad system in V2 and earning money

How will ads appear on v2 were… our videos will only be 6 sec…?
And how will any creator earns money?

Ok, let’s start from the first one.

Still don’t know it yet. Probably before a video a small 2 - 3 seconds video or like IG. Instead of a vine we will have an add vid.

Vs are going to be 6.5 seconds. But the app will show them as 6 or 7. Unless they find a way to change that.

Dom mentioned a lot of options like some revenue for every comment but I recomend you to read these posts about it to get some answers.


Thanx man Appreciate it…

There @ItsMeJoseGChacin answer you but remember is not even in beta version yet so Dom can make a lot of changes that we would never expect


Then I guess it would take April May to release!!

We all are thinking that will be realese on March or April but we dont know yet

Maybe include an ad somewhere in between when a person browses through your feed on ur profile

So it’d be like “watches ur videos for a good 5mins then bam an ad” and so on

Ads will probably appear as their own posts above or below the creators post. v2 also needs to collect advertisers before launch

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Probably pop ups and maybe afte r a certain amount of time or if videos are monetised then you’ll see ads

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Am I the only one who doesent like ads?

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no but if there is no ad then no money as for creator its necessary as a viewer its irritation

Really hope there’s no ads

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whats your opinion about above comment

@dom Do you think you can get FlatFur Ad Network on board v2 ?, I think a partnership between the two will be great.

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I think we should but let’s hope