full time thatch

Now that schools and (some) workplaces are closed, what are you doing with your extra time?

For me, school is closed until 4/20. My phone broke on the first day of shutdown, so I’ve been filling time by playing animal crossing and spider-man ps4.

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Spiderman PS4 :sob::sob::sob: I want that so bad!! But I’m on PS2 atm…

I wanna create bytes… but can’t.

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Spiderman is great. I can’t make bytes too, rip my phone🙏

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Animation every now and then, watching YouTube and Twitch, video games.
Speaking of, I’m gonna try streaming on Twitch this weekend, and I’m gonna stream the new Animal Crossing. Wish me luck! :sweat_smile:

lots of overwatch


I wish I could stay at home but I have been forced by my employer to work in LA, when I do not live in LA, long story. The good side is it lets me spend/care more time with my parents.

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