V2 achievements:

Achievements based on followers, loops, amount of vines, popularity, etc. Any other ideas from you guys?


Maybe something like YouTube’s play buttons but actually be in app badges

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check these previous threads out.

I think those are a bit different than what he’s talking about. Those are more about verification and milestone recognition, but I think he’s just talking about achievements similar to the badges on this forum. Like “post a loop that has no sound” or “use this app every day for a week” kinda like unlockable things. Still pretty similar though so those are definitely worth checking out and perhaps continuing the discussion there!


Yes please! There’s nothing better than working hard And finally achieving that 1billion loop badge as a reward

I wanna see achievements in the app

Yep, you’ve explained it perfectly.

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Perhaps certain posts getting a certain amounts of likes (ie., Congrats on your post earning 10 likes.)

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When this idea is brought up, I’m reminded most of Snapchat’s little achievement system they have, which, in practice is pretty cool.

These achievements could perhaps even be used as a means of a tutorial to the interface of the app.

(Milestones like the YT play button would be cool too tho)


Yeah, something along those lines!

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big bump bc this is cool

Yah it is cool

v coollll

It would be super dope to have an “achievement award show”

Most Re-byted User
Most Liked Byter
Most Looped Byter
Byter of the Year
Meme of the Year Award

And you would get something in the mail and letter signed by @dom himself.
Or maybe an actual award show. lol Who knows how big Byte will get?

SMH. Now you got me excited. Badges would be cool too.