Achievements Page

I was in snapchat and noticed I got an achievement for sending 100 snaps and 500 snaps. Maybe there could be something like that in the app that you could make public or private. Ex. “100 vines posted” “20k loops” “Get Verified” I think it would give people more of an incentive to use the app
Edit: I hope y’all realize the idea is about a page for you to see your accomplishments nd that this doesn’t effect any of them


I believe that we will have verified accounts in v2 but not by a quantity of loops because success is to be momentary, I believe that the verified accounts must be those that have a huge engagement every day

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Yes, I think it would be interesting

I hope that the verification will be given to users who influence and make good content, not people who upload offensive content or influence people to do bad things.

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I meant little icons to display for your achievements my bad

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yes but this type of person would not have a chance to be verified since they are not allowed in v2

It should be given to users that upload offensive/raunchy content. The top viners had very offensive content (King bach, rudy mancuso, anwar jibawi, logan paul, etc…) They’d make fun of people’s race, sexuality, gender, etc… and it was all in good fun. If people who upload offensive humour get banned, then vine would have been nothing.


I would love that feature :ok_hand:

Reddit has those too, and I think they would be quite effective in helping the platform :smiley:

Good idea, I like it :+1:

It’s similar to musically but I think that if we somehow delete v2, the videos that are on private will still be able to be saved on the app and like snapchat we should have a code to access these videos.