A small idea which I’ve not seen implemented in many social media apps is making the app accessible to people with disabilities such as hearing loss - I know YouTube’s auto closed captioning software isn’t perfect but if the V2 videos are 6 seconds I’m sure people wouldn’t mind writing no more than 20 words allowing people with hearing loss to enjoy the same content.

I feel this would add an advantage to the app as I’ve worked with deaf people before on a short film we entered in to a film contest and while working on the film they were describing how they love picture memes and how they’d love for more video memes to feature closed captions.

If anyone would like to add to this please feel free or any feedback would be much appreciated and maybe some input from @dom


Hey man!!! Check this out :smiley:


Thanks for forwarding that! I think it’s a small but really important feature that definitely needs to be there from the launch!

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Nice idea man!

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