Accessibility Options

I think V2 content should be accessible even to those who are deaf or have trouble hearing by allowing a closed captioning setting.

For those who have poor eyesight or are colorblind maybe an inverted color mode or enhanced color settings should be added (And maybe a night mode for the late night bingers).

Maybe there will be a community of artists who create content with just audio for those who are blind by cracking a quick joke or story in the 6.5 second timeframe.

If anyone can think of anything else that would be amazing. I would love V2 to be accessible to as many people as possible :heart:


Caption settings will take place slowly. They will look after that.

For night mode plans you can visit this topic also @dom Creator of app Responded on it.

Well about that Videos for blind people? Yeah, lemme give you an Example. There were many Punstars at Previous app and as you know most of videos which are made by 1 person resembles to Cracking jokes (audio) with camera splits.

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Very good points, I imagine @dom will be implementing things like this as it will be a platform for everyone. :slight_smile:

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Very nice, V2 should be for everyone!

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I definitely hope so :grin:

Thanks so much for taking the time with all ur feedback. It helped a lot!

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Yes definitely :heart:

I agree that designing with the disabled in mind allows everyone to benefit, but I don’t know if a blind person will be on a smartphone, will download the V2 app, and scroll through videos.

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You’re welcome my friend :wink:

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Yea that’s true. I just thought maybe since V2 will have a younger audience their parents/ guardians could help them out a little.

I know of blind Youtubers so I’m sure if they can make content they can enjoy it as well.

I’m sure the blind community could make it work :grin: