#ACC All Categories Challenge

I think a fun idea would be to get people doing a challenge to try to make at least one video for each of the categories in the order they are in at this moment, over a 20 day timeline. So left to right, top to bottom. Start with comedy and end with travel. It has to fit the theme of it somehow. Each day could be dedicated to people focusing on one category at a time. There is a chance people may just want to do it for the fun of it after this is all over too.

I think it would be a great way for people to look more at the other categories while also making a big event. It could be clever to use this years leap day as a starting point or end point. There are 20 categories as of current, and if we do want this to end on the leap day we would have to start all this on the 9th. That may be too soon. All that said, I wanted to run this by people to see what you all may think.

Please add any thoughts, recommendations, and so on.

Take care.


That’s actually a super cool idea, that was creators could branch out and get out of their comfort zone

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I think this would be fire, the challenges would just have to be brainstormed on to make sure people agree with how to do it. For example , @Lenarr made a hilarious video talking while drinking water & I tagged him and made a video trying to do it too with the #waterchallenge (yes Ik hashtags don’t work inside the Byte app but it’s to show homage to his talent)