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Hey there!
This has been a topic of discussion amongst many creators…so I thought I’d share with everyone what I’ve noticed with everyone here. I’ll keep it short and sweet, promise!

It seems that some creators are using fake profiles or what would appear to be bots to get their numbers up, and while I can understand why you’d do so…you want to be seen, I get it, you are losing the trust of fellow creators doing so.
Speculation takes place whether you like it or not…regardless of your best intentions, it still is having a rather…toxic effect on those around you.

Everyone is bummed about numbers, that’s just how it is right now. Word of advice tho: consider gaining likes and views organically.
The other creators around you will appreciate it.
Love everyone! :innocent:
Keep putting out that amazing content!


extremely well put:) everyone wants to do well! But it’s awesome doing it without fake profiles :heart:




Shoutout to the OG creators liking my content cause that’s the only support I have. Creators Support = Creators! :sob:


Interesting. How can you tell that they’re bots? I haven’t seen anything personally but maybe I don’t know what to look for. What are the signs?


Basically, no uploads, weird bio, weird @name, and profile pictures look tacky/pixelated. It’s easy to see if you look through the creators’ likes. Sometimes it comes in waves, such as the first 10-15+ profiles look fake/off. (or random)

For me, it’s easy to notice whose new, OG, real, fake, and etc. I’m not an expert but I’m very active on the app and it is easy for me to notice.For example, if you look through mines you see the same profiles liking my content or creators that are active. Whereas if you go to someone you’ll see just likes and no comment, that could be a sign or getting so many likes within hours of uploads.

cc @jessfrombyte


I never understood the appeal of wanting to use bots? You wouldn’t gain anything from it because engagement would still be basically none existent. Which would hurt you in the long run. Thats the equivalent of being a singer, then buying all of your own tickets and telling people the show is sold out…


What Tupac said is accurate.
I, personally, am not great at spotting them but have seen a few that seem a bit odd.


Well I’m sorry but Italian~ Recipes IS the best user!! :joy:

Yeah idk but I’ve seen ppl like these like my posts… they MIGHT be bots but idk… I’m not using them tho.

Thank you for the message btw


They’ve liked quiet a few of my posts but have never interacted further than that. So not sure if they’re a bot.


So are there going to be consequences? This would’ve screwed with a lot of people - pretty much all creators from big to small.


Yeah it would have negatively impacted everyone, I do think consequences would be a good idea if this still happens for a prolonged period of time. However, I’m just a content creator I can’t suggest/enforce consequences. But if they change their ways than I guess they’d have learned their lesson!

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Oof. Let me clarify
I’ve noticed a common theme among all these discussions.

stonks is coming to get me


@Pac do you approve me? I promise, I’m not bot but you’ll see me like and comment “:chart_with_upwards_trend:”. I have zero uploads :sweat:



Also: not calling anyone out here…just saying what everyone else is afraid of saying.
Don’t cancel me…I’m insignificant


Here a big tip that helps me make popular. I always tell people this. And the people who want to be successful on this actually do this. Make a schedule in your bio saying times you post. I’m monday - Friday 7:34pm est time! We currently don’t have post notifications. A lot of these creators you see on popular post at the same time everyday. And people know when they post because consistent. You don’t go tomorrow I’ll post at 4.30pm then the day after go 8:30 am. As a supporter I’d be like confused why you’re posting a different time. You want to look in the long run then the short run! Also do you take time to talk to you’re supporters? Offer them things. It’s more than likes. You’re building a brand not ego. Are you bringing a new traffic into the app to support you? I personally use Snapchat. Tell your friends, family to get the app. As of right now it’s creators and creators supporting eachothers really. Where other platforms like insta it’s creators/ supporters supporting eachother. You need to bring in traffic to your bytes. Saying people botting accounts means you’re loosing the game. Am your upset or frustrated. Take a min an make a plan. Write it done an trust me you’ll grow! It’s working for me an it will help you as well!


Ah, bud…I mean, I’m just here for funsies.
I made this post to be a voice for those who are afraid to speak up about it.

I’m not here for success, just for fun!
Great tip tho!


This is why I love you @Alexjakobz :chart_with_upwards_trend:



That’s exactly why we love you here! Keep being you!


Are u on TikTok? Think I just saw ur post on the FYP :blush: :+1:

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