About unofficial accounts and spam

Please beware that there are many unofficial accounts, impersonators, websites, and scammers pretending to be associated with v2 around the web. Below is an official list you can check against.

:twitter: Official Accounts and Sites

  • v2.co — The site you’re on right now
  • @v2app — Official Twitter account for the app

There is NO official Instagram account. There is NO official merchandise. There is NO official chat. There are NO other official sites, Twitter accounts, beta offers, or apps.

Be especially aware of unofficial scam apps pretending to be v2. If the app is not linked here, by a staff member, they are not associated with v2 in any way. Their lack of integrity in this matter indicates that they could potentially be harmful to you or malicious in other ways. We can’t vouch for anything regarding these apps except for the fact that they are unethical garbage.