About the recent Byte Blues

I feel like the community has been sleeping recently and i’m here to try to wake it up a bit. As of recently we haven’t been getting as many updates on what’s to come and expect. However why don’t we find excitement in what we accomplished so far.
Since January 24th we …


  • bots
  • (for the most part) content being uploaded (porn, violence, things of that nature)
  • rebytes
  • rebyte groups


  • creator program was put into place
  • Byte beats was added
  • Grid view was added
  • floaties and gifs were added
  • text tool was added
  • new beta testers
  • text timers
  • 8 second videos were added
  • featured hashtags were added (then removed to be reworked)
  • 16 second vids were added
  • rebyte notifications
  • animated thumbnails
  • Redesigne of the explore page and channels

and got rid of…

  • popular page

That’s a lot of improvement (big and small) in 18 weeks. Today we’re the first day of week 19 so chin up i’m sure new news will come soon for what’s to come. We already came a long way let’s keep that in mind for the road ahead!


I jus wait on gaming channel . I have so many bytes I wanna release that I don’t wanna have to delete then repost ya know haha.


I’m sure it’ll be back soon!!!


you can’t tell me you don’t miss the bots :joy:


lol I mean they jus wanted hugs after being rejected on like every other platform.

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Release was wild. P E R I O D :clap:t3:


There have been so great updates for sure, but I think the team is feeling the pressure from the public and us as well, since Byte is constantly being compared to Tik Tok, Instagram, and Snapchat.

For Byte to be on the level of Tik Tok, Instagram, and Snapchat in terms of functionality, it will take some time, definitely not this year, and Byte has a lot of “Catch Up” to do obviously.

The Byte team is less than 10 people, and there are hundreds of people working in Tik Tok, Instagram, and Snapchat companies, so the comparison is not reasonable.

Instagram is venturing into monetization, Tik Tok is as well, and Youtube is bringing its own short video app, “Shorts” this year, so Byte is in a tough position. I think Byte’s goal should be to “Coexist” with Tik Tok, Instagram, Shorts, and Snapchat, not “Crush” them.

Byte will not be able appeal to new users with its effects or filters or algorithm or functionality, it’s not possible, Tik Tok, IG, and Snapchat already have incredible effects and filters. It’s nothing new. What Byte will be able to offer new users is the opportunity to be monetized, and I hope the Byte team expands the scale of the Partners Program this year so it is more inclusive.




Very well said Byte doesn’t have to be n.1 to be successful nor does Byte doesn’t need to be n.1 to be considered popular. I feel like people forget that like yeah TikTok is n.1 rn but does that mean Youtube isn’t popular, no absolutely not. It’s just a title really at the end of the day.


I mean not competing is the best option to be more unique honestly because your more focused on yourself and your success. Focus on competing then your focusing on the other thing more making you want to compare yourself to said thing etc.

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I think byte is amazing and the only time I really get the blues is when I don’t see enough of @Guert.


I think Guert is currently in the Banana Realm.

enters banana realm


True, but at the end of the day, Byte’s existence is heavily affected by how other social media platforms perform, and if Tik Tok and Instagram outperform, in which they are doing that right now with the new monetization program kicking in, Byte will have no place to stay,

Byte has to focus on its own path, while being mindful about its competitors, business-wise.

I do believe Byte has a chance to coexist, and it can make a comeback this year, but keep in mind that Instagram, Youtube, and Tik Tok are moving way faster than Byte in terms of development, if Byte is not able to sustain its userbase, not grow it just sustain it this year, it will have a very hard time to make a comeback, but i think it will because it has many loyal creators who are sticking together, which is amazing!


Quick note to reply to the original post. The rebyte notifications are really nice! But could we add a notification filter for them, like we have for follows and likes and comments?


can’t wait to see what else new features byte has in store

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I think Byte has come leaps & bounds over the last month or two. Great work!!!

As for its future… some of the comments here are bang on the money! Byte will (most likely) never catch up to the likes of Instagram (IG), Youtube (YT) or TikTok (TT)…and, coming soon, IG’s “Reels” & YT’s “Shorts”… so, yes, Byte should look to coexist. However, success, in the form of long-term coexistence, means that a few things will need to happen. The main game must be to attract large, credible creators AND curators (C&Cs) - both are important! The debate around creation vs. curation is pointless, as both are crucial to a platform like Byte. Do not bias one over the other! Byte will need to attract some big C&Cs onto the platform to truly get any momentum. Paying them could be a start, but some of the following will need to be done first for them to truly embrace the platform.

  1. Launch a Verification Program…
    Yes, that’s right, the little blue ticks! Love them or loathe them, it does not matter!! It is crucial to getting big creators (and brands) onto the platform. This should’ve been done YESTERDAY!!! Looking at Likee which, despite having a “creators” program, seems to have a weak verification framework and, as such, has hundreds, maybe thousands, of fake/impersonated accounts e.g. TikTok’s Charli D’Amelio must have 50+ “real” accounts from what I’ve seen on Likee.

  2. Offer verification to large, non-verified C&Cs on TT & IG…
    There’s an opportunity to entice great, tier 2 C&Cs onto Byte relatively easily. Again, like it or not, being “verified” is seen as success…as fame…as credibility…as clout…so, offering verification to large, legit C&Cs who may have struggled (or been too shy) to get the little blue tick on IG & TT will have them salivating to get onto Byte! For these guys, however, verification comes at a small price…1) they must announce to their off-platform followers/audience they have started a VERIFIED Byte account (help them by coming up with some clever ways to message this)… 2) impose a minimum monthly/weekly posting rate for a period of time (e.g. the first 6-12 months). If they don’t post regularly, their verification will be revoked (also, they, like all other accounts, must obviously adhere to the Community Guidelines for verification to be maintained). Please note, I’m not saying every man & his dog should be verified! The allure of exclusivity must remain!!! I can hear Byte diehards screaming for blood…ok, also offer verification to early Byte adopters, or those who have posted X number times, and have Y number of followers/likes/rebytes etc. Share the love & hype!

  3. Honour off-platform verification…
    Once the mechanics for verification are in place, contact as many verified C&Cs on IG & TikTok as humanly possible and invite them to secure their account on Byte with GUARANTEED Byte verification. Depending on the clout of a C&C, I’d also kick off anyone squatting on an account name that might hold back a C&C from jumping onto Byte. I mean, I’m not sure this account is the real Charli D’Amelio… https://byte.co/@charlidamelio . If the real Charli wants onto Byte, then you should 100% kick this person off onto another account name - simple! Now, some of you will be thinking/screaming “who cares”…“we don’t want/need the likes of her” …well, that’s true, you & I might not care, but her 80 MILLION followers across TT & IG certainly DO care! In addition to reaching out to major verified accounts, also ensure you have a seamless way for other verified accounts from TT & IG to join Byte and automatically/easily get verified - regardless of size - someone else has vetted them already, so give them a blue tick! There are some relatively easy ways to automate a self-service verification system for existing verified accounts on other platforms (just ask the Byte dev team).

  4. Functionality…
    Given the disparity of age, and available development resources, Byte will probably never catch up to Snap, IG & TT in terms of functionality…however, nor should they…there is no need. Byte will, however, need to keep up to some extent, and ensure things like filters etc are close to par. Also, instead of continually playing the catch-up game, there could be an opportunity to create some unique functionality that gives Byte a window of exclusivity to something really cool. Sure, Snap, IG & TT etc will copy & catch up, but during that window, Byte has a chance to get their C&Cs to post content with unique, never-seen-before bells & whistles. Milk the magic while you can!

  5. Improve organic reach…
    Personally, I’ve seen videos that get to 80 views with 65 likes just stop dead in their tracks. That’s an 80%+ Like:View ratio. Why do these videos stop?? If a piece of content is getting 80% Likes…KEEP SHOWING IT TO MORE & MORE PEOPLE! Also, don’t have “Shadow Bans” built into the algorithm (not yet at least). Byte’s organic reach MUST MUST MUST be out of this world. The time to “dial down” organic reach comes later. Views, likes & new followers MUST be plentiful. Also, start showing each account’s follower count…why hide it?? Don’t pretend this isn’t competitive! Maybe in a few years Byte can follow in IG’s footsteps and hide the Likes count etc but, for now, show everything. C&Cs need to know where they stand…how they compare to their peers!

  6. Monetization…
    As mentioned by others, monetization is super important! Verification, amazing reach & a rich feature set are all well & good, but eventually, people need a tangible incentive to put in the effort. IG, TT, YT and even Likee, all have monetization in place (at varying stages of integration & development). Come up with a workable, competitive & EQUITABLE monetization scheme, and C&Cs will come running.

  7. TikTok who???..
    Do not pretend the other platforms don’t exist. TT allows you to create links to your IG & YT accounts. Likee also does this HOWEVER Likee won’t even let you mention TT in a caption…any caption containing the word “TikTok” (or even “TT”) gets completely wiped. At the moment, Byte doesn’t have any cross-platform account linking. On TikTok, almost every medium/large C&C actively promotes their IG and/or YT accounts. Why? They want cross-platform diversity in terms of the distribution of their audience. Byte should not fear this! If all the things mentioned above are in place, then you’ll find large C&Cs on IG/TT/YT pushing their followers to Byte…maybe, in part, for the great experience, BUT also for diversity. That’s the reality… embrace it!!

So, that’s it (for now).

Standing in front of it, Byte has two choices. The first is to become/remain an artisan-based platform for small creators. The second, more formidable option, sees it rise to become a “Top 5” powerhouse within the social media ecosystem. Its decision, and hence destiny, in part, will be based on how it tackles the issues outlined above. Personally, I cannot wait to see Byte’s choice, and subsequent evolution.


that’s gonna come soon, the app is not even in 1.0 yet

we have the partner program paying people for making content on the app.

ill let someone who knows a lil bit more than me do the rest of the talking


Agreed. That would be real cool.

I’m just getting back into byte, can someone explain how to switch the time of videos, if it’s even possible? I just like sticking with the 6 second videos, you see.

Of course, I welcome the change if it isn’t possible to switch it

You can’t and 16 seconds seems like it’s here to stay