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Do u think.that using other people reactions or videos for memes is considered stealing?I’d like to edit some memes myself with credit to the user ? What do u think guys

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I consider that stealing, you’re profiting from other people work.

Although it’s an edit?

I think that’s what made some vines popular the ability to copy others and use them.

Just always credit the original artist, then they won’t be really mad if your remake gets a ton of RTs and ends up on a popular page.

If it does go popular, help a brotha out and collab with them on the next one :+1:

If you post as it is of people that will be considered as Stealing and if you are willing to edit them like the concept of vine changes to another and forms a new vine then you can say that its not stolen its just further modified (edited)

Yea, if you literally lift someone’s video and just post it on your account, that is stealing.

In the early days of Vine, remakes were very popular. Someone would create a vine that went viral, and then everyone jumped in to make their own version of the same concept. It was a lot of fun and a way for new people to get noticed. I’m sure the same thing will happen on V2.

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Exactly, there’s a difference between a meme, a trend, and stealing. People sharing the same joke with a small change to the punchline or setup or any other tweak is a meme, people doing the same genre or same type of joke/activity etc. is a trend, but if you remake the same video and the setup, delivery, punchline, all of it is the same that’s just stealing

Yes, although often a remake is exactly that: doing the same video, but your own way. So you may say the same exact lines, setup, etc., but delivered your own way. Often people will add something a bit different to it, but not always. Either way, if you do a remake, just credit the original artist and you won’t be a schmuck. :slight_smile:

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Ya I agree with most of you guys. Imitation is a good thing and it’s positive, stealing videos directly is negative and causes plenty of problems