About devices

Will the v2 work for devices with android 4, 5 and 6?

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What version do you have

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I have android 6.0.1.

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my best answer would be yes, it should be usable across all platforms

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As far as “devices”…my question would be: Would having one device compared to another be more beneficial to an artist.

For instance, would having an iPhone X offer more capabilities compared to an artist using an iPhone 6?

Some people also carry Window phones too so the question includes them lol Pretty sure the iPhone X would be the most nifty out of all.


Oh for sure. I guess my question was more directed towards Apple devices. I only ask because I’m on the fence to upgrade to the X.

I can’t find the thread about having iOS 10+ so I honk you’re good if you got this

Dear lort I forgot those were a thing

One of friends have them and I asked her what apps are available and she said hardly any

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a window phone in my life…

It’s an even rectangle with squares as apps caked tiles. Just like windows 8 and 10 operating system

That sounds strange, I’m gonna go look up photos

Yeah its pretty sad

Dang son. The last time I saw a windows phone irl was 4 years ago in hs.