About Deactivating

So a deactivate button was just added, and I just wanted to make an open post about deactivation on other platforms.

I think one of the major issues with platforms like facebook, instagram, amazon is that they simply don’t want to allow you to close your account. Currently all that the app asks for is that you type the word deactivate to confirm deactivation, but personally I’d like to see it require your password, or ToUcH iD when that’s eventually available.

I like that it isn’t hidden away in a deep menu that you need to find after hours of looking.

10/10 would deactivate again.


Lol yeah im a fan with the transparency of this button


instagram and twitter make u only put your password


unless instagram updated, you can’t even do it in app, you need to go to the website lol


I agree with the typing in password to de-activate. Should I test the de-activate button guys? Someone has to test it… right?


yeah go for it


I wouldn’t risk it just yet :flushed:


it works :slight_smile:

and there aren’t any passwords on byte :scream:


Ok but there will be right? Also out of interest will there be like a 30 day period to recover your account?


there probably won’t be passwords anytime soon, just google and apple id. it’s more secure and it makes it easier to deal w/ bots and spam when you have to use a known login :slight_smile:

and it’s impossible (through proper channels) to download the app without a google account or apple id

deactivation will have some period but we’re still determining what that is, hopefully have an answer soon. in the mean time it’s definitely not instant and you can reactivate by logging back in


wait what about Signing in with Samsung ID? like Put Samsung’s Login Services on to this App? I Think Samsung ID System Would be Secure… the Login System that’s owned by Samsung Themselves. oh wait now I think about it why not release Byte App Through Samsung Galaxy Store? This is Brilliant Idea!

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having it on the galaxy store would be cool. gives more people access to the app (not that i use it, but i discovered that :vine: is still on there!)

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I mean Yeah! why not? Samsung ID x Galaxy Store x Byte App “Samsung ID” Login? Cool Idea!


I laughed for a solid 10 minutes :joy:

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I have an urgent question about this. If I deactivate my account, will it also make the videos people linked to on other social medial disappear? Or will they continue to show? Also, how long before everything gets deleted?


the linked content will disappear at the linked URL, but would reappear if/when you reactivate your account. right now there is no permanent delete after deactivation unless you send an email asking for one, after which it’s the response time + ~72 hours for a permanent delete

(this may not be related but if you’re having a specific issue that is prompting the urgency of this question, feel free to raise it to me. we try to address things as they come but i will admit that we are not catching everything and sometimes directly contacting us helps)


This was a great question and answer to the question. Not that I want to delete my account. But sometimes things go on that make me want to just disappear from it and I’m learning that it’s okay to take a break (What I’m currently doing). I love this app, and all it has done for me! Meeting new ppl, etc. p.s., thank you @dom for making my day when you liked and rebyted my video! It meant so much more than you know! :heart: