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Could we add an option to change a byte’s channel after we post it ?( only one time though so that spamming doesn’t occur ) I think it would be a great idea because sometimes you don’t know what channel fits your byte best and you realize afterwords that a certain channels is better for the byte you did.


Opinion: I thought the channel had a concise description of the channel rules etc, but the only issue that I have with changing options others may abuse or take advantage.

Not a bad idea, not opposed to it…

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I see potential for abuse if there’s not also a time limit too. Maybe you get 1-2 hours to change the channel once then that’s it?

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yeah because imagine you clicked on a channel by error and you realize it’s not in the channel you wanted it to be. I agree 1-2 hours ratio seems great for that.

Delete and repost :speak_no_evil: wouldn’t hurt to try


I think with the revamped channels and the ability to follow channels, @dom & team solved a lot of the issues.

There are better descriptions of what each channel is and the rules for it, as well as mods that will help curate the channel. :+1::+1:

Being able to follow channels definitely helps me worry less about posting to the “right” channel too. This makes your mix so much better and still lets you have the option to focus on your “must see” content.

One thing I think that might help is if the mods see something in another channel they think is a good fit for “their” channel, they are given the ability to post it there as a trending or featured post. There are a lot of bytes that land in more than just one category, and this would be a good way of addressing that fairly.

What do you think @dom ?

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