About byte load speeds

I understand nothing about this topic nor will I pretend too. But I know a few people reported a similar topic as a bug, but like is there a way to make the app faster? At first I thought it was my wifi but then my friend was telling me how she never really got to use Byte because it has very poor loading times (she still has it on her phone though and would want to give it a try). However she used to use TikTok and it loaded fine (so this leads me to believe that it’s not just a wifi thing but idk)

So basically my questions are…

  1. Could loading times be improved somehow
  2. Assuming it’s a game of give and take what would be the compromise of better loading times (so what would be the side affects we would notice?)

Does anyone have any knowledge about this type of stuff?


Sometimes it won’t let me comment on other bytes, so I’ll have to close the app and reopen it just to comment again. I think this is just a problem with my WiFi though, unless other people have the same problem.


I have that problem as well sometimes but idk like I said I really don’t know anything about this sort of stuff :confused:

I just have my video quality settings set to smart so the quality is slightly lower but they load a lot faster


I didn’t know this was an option!
I remember Dom saying Byte prioritizes high quality video over fast load times.

Wait I can’t find that option in the settings

I have the same problem

Hmm. I have an iPhone and I don’t see it. Thanks though!

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Weird lol tbh I’m kinda shook that an android has a feature that ios doesn’t yet lol

Ooooh. I didn’t know there was that setting. Maybe not on the iPhone yet.

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Y’all ever see that square over videos in the top right? That’s there when it reduces video quality when im using the smart setting

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I mean internet wise if that the problem there should be a quality setting that lets you adjust the quality of bytes in my opinion. Another thing is they are testing out 16 sec bytes so that could the an issue too.

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I guess it’s only ios that doesn’t already have that option🤷‍♀️

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oh okay well then haha. but I do think this could work itself out after quarantine and the internet freeing up. maybe thats why the team isn’t so concerned.

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Commenting so that if we hear of them adding this option on iOS, I’ll get word of it! I was so excited when I first read this option existed and then deflated when I saw it’s not on iOS lol. Load times are a huge problem for me. I lose out on so many opportunities to support others and help out with my own engagement numbers. I’d say in a thirty minute “engagement session” if that’s what you’d like to call it, I might see 30 Bytes or 1 Byte per minute. It’s a struggle!


I definitely feel you I’m that one :sleepy:

I was actually just about to make a post about this. I’ve noticed really long load times lately which is a little frustrating.