About Avatars

Omg I’m crying :joy::laughing::joy:

i agree, it’ll end up flopping.

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I think still pictures will suffice. Having them on instagram, twitter, etc. has been perfectly fine. I don’t think an extra feature like a gif/video avatar should be a main focus for the launch… but maybe in updates for the app!

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Static picture

I agree, it definitely shouldn’t be a main priority in the beginning.

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def still picture!! i think having gifs is too complicated and v2 will always have looping videos anyway… no more motion needed or its too much :thinking:

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Static pics definitely

I think iPhone’s 'Live Photo" would be cool for profile pictures

I think that we should just have static photos, it would probably be easier to code. :vine:

Though gif avatars on social medias like Twitter are cool, I think they could be distracting and annoying with the already constant-moving design of v*ne.


Yeah that’s true

still pictures are usually the go to. But this is v2, try some innovation.

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