Abominable Trailer: Holy Cute

Apparently, Hollywood can’t get enough of Yeti/Abominable movies. You got Smallfoot, and then in a couple of months, another one is released, Missing Link. Now, you have this movie coming out, and honestly…


You got your Toy Story 4: The Cash Grab, and you got The Lion King: ‘Live Adaptation’, Godzilla: Clusterfuck of Monsters, Spiderman and Frozen 2 coming this year, and I gotta say, that’s a pretty crazy lineup of movies. BUT! This movie right here, Abominable, made by the same team that made How To Train Your Dragon, I’m most excited for!

First off, I’ve been waiting to share this trailer with everyone. It showed during Missing Link, and I was all smiles. This is why I love animated movies; it looks adventurous, it looks fun, beautiful and extremely cute. When you got a lot of animation companies going for the ‘we want cash’ option (see Secret Life of Pets 2 or 95% of all illumination movies) this is nice to see, and I’m definitely down for it. The animation looks beautiful, and I already know I’ll love Yi and the characters. Yes, it looks like its gonna be AnOtHeR AdVeNtUrE mOvIe but hey, I think it will do good. HTTYD did a really good job when it came to adventures with not making it long, showing different enviroments, and going back on other scenary to not make it seem long or boring to sit there and see them do all of this. I have alot of faith in this movie. Also, can we just talk about the You Can Go Your Own Way VIOLIN COVER? THAT JUST SOUNDS BEAUTIFUL AND ILL PAY FOR THAT SONG WITH ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY MAN! I really love the violin part of her character. Yes, we’ve seen it before with Kubo, but I’d like to see what they do in this movie. Other then all of that, I love this movie already. Love, love, love!!! What are your guys thoughts? :’)


Im bumping this because its important.


:thinking:hmmmmm how to train your snowman? lol
tbh the story feels kinda predictable… but I know it’s one of those feel good journeys
If the Yetti dies before he makes it to the mountains, I might cry tho :sob:

still more excited for Toy Story 4

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Toy foury is gonna be Toy boring :sleepy:

3 was the perfect cinematic ending of all time :triumph:


Agreed! Andy is gone so I’m not sure why they feel they have to milk it

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Shrek 5.


It looks interesting from an animation stand point, the CGI looks amazing. If had a kid, I’d defintely see this, but otherwise I feel like this film is not for me. For me, once I got past the special effects it’s just a cute story with lots of cool CGI, but that’s just me

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