Ability to go live to interact with fans or other byters

Hey I think adding the ability to go live with other byters or to go live with your fan would seem like so much fun especially right now when the community is so supportive and loving. This is just an idea because i truly love going live and interacting with others so i would love to see this feature added. Let me know what yall think about that?


Hey, this has already been suggested but isn’t currently planned. Please do a search of the forums before you create a duplicate topic :slight_smile:

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While this has already been suggested here and is not currently in the plans according to what I’ve read, I have a few views about this idea. I’m not sure that live streaming would make sense in the context of this type of app, one where the novelty is in part due to the restriction to 6 seconds of video. Just my opinion. That said, I’m sure way down the road, once the app matures a lot, there might be room for the feature! I’m not trying to speak for Dom here, but I’m trying to understand it from his viewpoint. I just don’t think it’s reasonable right now.


I think if people want to fr fr see you live, theyd just follow you on ig.