Ability to follow users for original content only, rebytes only, or both

Basically what the title says, the ability to follow only a users original content or only their rebytes, in addition to the current following for both.

I imagine of the three, following for rebytes only would be the least common, but might as well throw it in there cause there would probably be some accounts you’d wanna do this?

the ability to browse the home page by original content only has been suggested several times, but maybe an option to follow some users for all their content and others for only their OC or rebytes would be nice too, whichever you prefer?

I assume the main reason is obvious, that sometimes you enjoy a users original content but not their rebytes, like maybe once a month they post a really sweet animation but they also rebyte 50 bytes you dont really care for a day. That kind of stuff.

If both this and the ability to view the home page by OC were implemented, i dont know what the best way to merge the two would be?

  • option 1: the default home page goes by whichever you follow the person for, but OC only and rebytes only homepages show you everything from everyone you follow regardless

  • option 2: your homepage assumes that if you arent following someone for their rebytes on your main page, you dont want to see their rebytes at all

anyway, thoughts on something like this and the best way to mesh it with other possible future features?

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