Ability to change the algorithm

instead of having an algorithm that shows you related content based of what you see (sometimes isnt as accurate) you can choose topics that you like.


I’m sure they’ll be a shortcut on the explore page for each category.


unfortunately big business knows that what we think we want doesn’t exactly correlate to what we actually consume

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Like Dom said the algorithm will be fair to everybody.
Besides Byte isn’t Youtube. Everybody will have a chance to shine.:sparkles:


this…this is what i want :heart_eyes:


I’d be happy being able to select categories, instead of solely following Creators to populate our feed/timeline. If the Creator titles, tags, and publishes their video in the proper area (doesn’t employ click-bait); Your video will “eventually” be seen if it’s in the recipient’s selected category, and they scroll to it.

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I honestly like that idea, because then I get content I want, but the alogrthim is the way they’re going to go