Ability to add stabilization to your video

Some artists have shaky hands. I would love to see an option (toggle) after recording a video to add stabilization to individual clips. I say individual clips because then it can be used not only as an aid, but as a tool for comedic effect.


I fully agree, it could be very useful

I feel like that would be a really difficult feature to add. Even editing in premiere pro, it takes me a while to stabilize a video, and sometimes I still may not be able to do it fully.

I feel like this would have everything to do with what you’re filming with. A “stabilize” feature on the app while editing could be very tricky and advanced… unless it’s something artists would be willing to pay extra for.

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I imagine YouTube stabilization and how that doesn’t take too long. If it’s 6 seconds, I think it shouldn’t take more than 30 seconds to fully process. But I know v2 won’t have access to YouTube stabilization lol… so I’m not sure