A yes/no thingy (just answer lmao)

It’s 11:30pm in my area so that means I have to sleep. Lately was not well favored for me and now I have been contemplating the implications of my recent actions and decisions. It’s just sad, tiring, and exhausting for me. Let’s just say I’m doing good at life but everything was going all out for me mentally and emotionally.

So, the actual point of this post. I have been planning on doing sumn, and my indicisive self have been looking for a sign if should I do it, and I think I’ll just go and try to find out here on the forums. I hope y’all could help a crappy ghurl out.

I want y’all to tell me yes or no using the poll (without knowing what I’m actually asking for, which makes the sign searching fair for me lol) and reply on this post with a date (within January - April) and I’ll randomize it on Monday.

  • Yes
  • No

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This is completely not byte-related. It’s sum personal thing


if it’s going to harm anyone then no don’t do it, otherwise go for it!


I’m an indecisive person myself, when we are already doubting ourselves about something and we decide to basically leave it to fate/luck, then it probably means it might not be worth it for a reason.

Your topic might be more serious than mine, but when I start doubting whether to buy something, I think that means I don’t need it at the moment, if I just buy the stuff without thinking the money is more useful, then the decision might not be the right one, but if it feels right, that’s all that matters.

Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.
Tl;dr If you have no doubts then go for it, if you do doubt then maybe hold back for a while until it feels right.