A year ago.. wow

Im late a week on this but a year ago if you told me that the byte app was dropping in jan of the next year… I’d have said " ya darn skippy"
That’s how much faith I had in these awesome vibes returning and even the new ones.
Thanks to the friends I’ve made HERE before byte app’s release for all the positive vibes.
Hopefully I’ll meet even more interesting people who have unique visions and have a strong resolve to make those visions a reality.

Oh and drop your twitter @ so I can follow you!


:twitter: ByteTupac


Cheers to your 1 year on byte! How awesome!! I’ve been here since this January but I feel so welcomed and apart of the community already! My twitter handle is @romeowlo :slight_smile: and I’m @rommie on byte! I’m the jingle boiii :innocent: haha!


Byty was born and will thrive this year!

ByteOfOrange :orange_heart:

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Twitter - @AmericasComic

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@BITagent89 (BIT stands for “byte is terrific” :laughing:)