A Word from a First Timer (@ekWatson)

Greetings forums, I’m Damario Watson. I’m new to this Byte thing and I’m looking for people to help me be better on this app. I’ve recently posted a Byte today, and I needed some feedback. I’m trying to find and develop my style of humor and judging by my recent posts (excluding the test demo ones), I know it will be a long bumpy road to get there. So for now on, I will use this section for future posts just to see if there’s anything I need to improve on.

If you want to see my recent byte, here it is:

Or if you want to check out my other content, my username is @ekWatson

Thanks, and I’m hoping to see your comments.

Side Note: I’m not usually good at this feedback thing, so I’m hoping this section will make a good learning tool for me.

Update (3/15): I’ve decided to only post new content on this section only if it is good enough for some constructive feedback. Sometimes there are things that I can improve on myself, that I can’t have people review my new posts all the time. So expect a new post later down the line. Thanks for your patience.


Aye, I like folks that does puns. I’ll check you out, I would recommend you to continue to do puns. :woozy_face:

Were those “tests” made by you?

Your pun is fine. I would recommend uploading more. It seems hard to tell that you want to be funny since you have more special effects bytes than punny ones. So the more you upload comedy the more you’ll find a style if comedy that suits you and you can stick with for the future :sunglasses::ok_hand:

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Yeah, they’re from a video project I had to do for college. These were made back when vine was still around.

Thanks! Those special effects ones was only just part of a class project at college. I would love to make more of those in the future, but I can’t afford Adobe Creative Cloud. So, I’ll just start small for right now.

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