A whole bunch of thoughts

So I didn’t want to post just one at a time, so here’s what I thought of in the last 2 weeks:

• Search bytes by title
• Ability to see what category a byte is in (at least your own because tbh sometimes I’m scared I hit the wrong one)
• Ability to post with 2 category tags (like comedy and music since that’s fairly common)
• Sort home page by new/top/trending
• Ability to edit byte titles after posting
• Notification when someone rebytes your post
• Tab where you can see who has rebyted a post
• Option to make public follower/star/loop count (honestly the loop one makes no sense not to since all the numbers are already public on each byte)
• Search bar for followers/following

I know some of these have the potential for misuse, obviously they can’t all be winners, but I just wanted to share some thoughts on what might improve user experience


Most of the ideas you mentioned are being worked on probably coming out this week or so