A Way to Search for V2 Videos

I think a great feature would be a way to search for specific V2 Videos in the platform. I cannot tell you how many time I’ve wanted to search for memes on instagram and then remembered they don’t have a feature like that.
Would you guys use this feature? How would it work?


I was surprised that this hasn’t been mentioned sooner, tbh.

I think it would be really difficult though too. If you remember what Vine was like, searching for specific vines was complicated because it relied on Viners tagging and sorting their vines into particular categories. This had its own benefits, but it also made it hard to find anything specific without knowing the account or having liked the vine previously and finding it in your likes.

That being said, the old search system meant that you might find a lot of vines that you would never have seen in an attempt to find the one you wanted. It also, inadvertently, benefits lesser known accounts because users can’t just always see the same vines they are looking for and forces a sort of “look at these related things” on the viewer. This is sort of the functionality of the search on a platform like Tumblr.

I dont necessarily know if V2ines should be titled and searchable by title, but I agree that the old search feature was not great, and other similar systems are not helpful when you are trying to find a particular vine.


I think it’d be cool to have a system where the uploaders post lyrics that are hidden to the user but searchable. Say you watched a video that said “ wow I’m about to eat that guacamole”… you could search the phrase and have the video pop up just from that. If anyone sees any problems with this, please comment below Because I want to know y’all’s thoughts.

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