A way for v***rs to find a partener

Maybe on V2 we should have a thing were, when you liked somebody’s video, and he liked yours.
We can have contact together. And then make a collab


That’s not a bad idea.


No, you should find people with similar niches as you so you both grow equally

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They announced that direct messages will be available. I guess :smile:

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That’s a good idea and an honest way of connecting. It all depends on how you plan to collab and if it’s the lane you’re trying to go.


Hummm :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Kinda like Tinder. If you like each other it’s a match. :joy:


There was talk about long-distance collaborations elsewhere, but the same idea from that could apply here; you follow each other after some time from liking one another’s content, and then a request to collab would be sent from one of the users

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I like the idea… but imagine how many people you can like and be liked by.


Or, build actual friendships with people you like/are similar creators to you, then go from there? That way it’ll be a genuine relationship, rather than forced/unauthentic people who just met making collabs for views.


I agree with @rad

Me too. I honestly want to be in a “Team” and I’ll probably be in one with my Efriends from the forum, not just random people.


Check this Idea out for better understanding for collab

Yes as well, but if you both liked each other’s videos then you are always happy to work with the person in front of you

ummm you have great point that would help to create more collab videos

Yes this is true, maybe we should do the same thing but with following…

This would be truly interesting to watch it unfold. I’m willing to make collabs with anyone in close proximity with similar interests

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Same ! !

Maybe they will have a date :joy:

A friendship with same interests