A trend option

If there is a new viral video, there could be a little button next to the video, where when you clic on it, there could be lots of different trends about this video.

For exemple, there where lots of “funny parodie videos” of charlie bit my finger, well insted of typing “charlie bit my finger parodie” you can just tap on this button, and you will find lots of different trends of this post


Yeah we should have this


I’m not sure what you mean? A parody category or an option to link another clip that it’s a parody from?


An option where you can showcase the creator of the original and showcase your parody of it

What is that??

“Parody” is too wide as a category. It would better fit under funny. Also having a “parody” section takes away some of the charm. A parody requires you know the original source; having the source linked directly seems a little bit off to me.

ohhh, thank you for the explanation

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Maybe instead of having a category you could add the users @ on the caption. At first I though you mean like having an option to put a V voice on top of yours so you can imitate it.

Like a section with parodies of all the best vines


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No not at all …

Is that better ?

I get you man, I miss this feature in everything so would be dope to see it in v2

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There are a lot of people with similar content in every app. For me, it’s more like a trend than a parodie and I think parodies should not be encouraged.

(And don’t get me wrong, trendy and similar content should and will happen)

Yes your right I will change that

I am so for that option, it helps keeping up to date with the trend

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So basically you would want a page with a bunch of Ugandan knuckles videos until it was no longer trendy

I think this is right !